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http://confessionsofaninfomercialjunkie.com/orgreenic-cookware-review/ This video was requested by a viewer to see how well chicken with skin cooks in the OrGreenic. I'm Marisa Woolsey and I am an Infomercial Junkie. I test out all those commonly seen "as seen on tv" products and let all you guys and gals out there see how they worked out for me. I also write reviews, which you can read on my website. So for more info about the Orgreenic frying pan, or any other product you might be curious about, please visit: http://confessionsofaninfomercialjunkie.com/

  1. Have you tried the Chef Basket yet? We got one and it's pretty awesome.
  2. Why don't you go help her edit her videos.
  3. How come my pan its burnt??? Im so unhappy wi it I want my money back
  4. Thumbs up cause she's hot!!!!!!
  5. Appreciate the review but better camera angles and close ups would help me evaluate this product better. What, no seasoning?
  6. Actually adding water to anything that is left burnt is what the commercial suggests you do, and while it is still hot. I have the whole set for over a year now and it is a great product. They do have payment options if you buy direct for about $40 a month you can get the entire set delivered in a few days so you can use while making payments. Total cost was around $240 for everything with lids, utensils, and a chopper. The only thing it was missing was a lid for the 12 inch square grill pan.
  7. i just ordered a set of Orgreenic pots and pans...i fry my chicken skinnless so i hope it turns out ok.
  8. How often do you have to season the pan?
  9. @#$@!anaman2 Ya I know they suggest it. That's part of why I did it. Plus its easier to clean right away versus later if u don't. But I have had soooo many comments on how to clean a pan or even that Ur not supposed to clean seasoned pans. And then there r those that say I'm going to warp my pan by doing so...... but I just realize that in my first vid I never really cleaned it w water since everything came right off. Kinda have to be thorough in my demo :)
  11. Oh I seasoned it really good but prob just edited it out to save time. I'm.trying to learn to make shorter vids. Sorry bout the filming, I had to fire my husband cause he kept getting in the shots or "directing" me so I'm.learning to film by myself when hes at work
  12. @SkooterIsMe I havent but I do actually own it. Had it for nearly a year too...... Thanks for reminding me, cause that should be an easy vid to make. If I can figure out what to cook with it, I will make the vid tonight